About Zeno Exhibition

We are poised to design, manufacture, build, and deliver your custom exhibition booth
Global Presence
End to End Solution
10 Years of experience

We believe in true love between customers and brands.

We pride ourselves as more than just builders. We are passionate and creative thinkers that strive to design and construct spaces that are truly meaningful and experiential for all our customers.

We are constantly learning and and growing our capabilities to implement both design and technology in our works to meet the growing needs of our clients and help them stay relevant.

Our Vision

We thrive on bringing our clients’ ideas to life, and adding on to it with a touch of our expertise and experience. We seek to combine eye catching designs and experiential solutions to the spaces we build because we strongly believe that this will empower brands to inspire and deepen connections of their audience.

What Sets Us Apart

We distinguish ourselves by combining creative brilliance and meticulous precision. We tailor every event and exhibition to your unique vision, leveraging our industry expertise. Our commitment to sustainability, innovative technology, and global reach ensures unforgettable experiences that inspire and engage.

Milestones in our history has made this journey special

We have helped companies around the
world to transform their ideas into extraordinary exhibition realities

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